What is the LCIAD Academy Personal Mentoring Program (PMP)

When we ask our past course delegates what they want after attending courses at LCIAD Academy, the most common responses are the following:

“How do I find someone that can help me in my day to day decision making?”

“How do I get access to someone who will answer questions and give advice on cases?”

“How do I get someone to actually help with treatment planning and writing letters to patients when we need it?”

They have indicated that they would like a more personal support system.

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Our knowledge when YOU need it

Developing professional skills and knowledge is done in your own time. Especially in your first few years in practice, you need someone experienced to discuss cases, help with composing patient letters, understand how to properly cost out procedures and ensure proper consent when looking after your patients.

We can provide that expertise. We have a wealth of multidisciplinary experience and knowledge to provide you with patient-centred and case-specific advice when you need it.


Building your own professional presence and success over time

Proper case planning takes time but can save far more time and money in the future when done properly. If your dental care is of a consistently high standard, your reputation and financial security will follow.

Carrying out comprehensive dental care properly allows you peace of mind and reduces stress in day to day practice. Having an experienced mentor to assist in seeing and diagnosing things you might otherwise miss will improve your diagnostic skills, time management and clinical and financial efficiency in practice.

This in turn will give you confidence when discussing cases and treatments with patients and engender trust.

Objectives of the Personal Mentoring Program (PMP)

The PMP has been devised to help get you to a stage where you can safely and ethically assess, diagnose, plan, and treat any patient that walks through your practice door with confidence, even those requiring multidisciplinary care.

If new skillsets or referrrals are required, then we can assist with training for each aspect so that you can remain as clinical lead and control each case.

This approach ensures that your patient wants, and is prepared to pay for, what you recommend.

The PMP is designed to help you along the path to comprehensive dental care for lifelong patients and assist in the organisation of your practice and clinical and administrative processes to streamline this journey.

What does the PMP include?

Over a 6 month period, the Personal Mentoring Program includes:

  • 4 full days (approximately once every 6 weeks) arranged as mutually convenient to meet as a group face to face in London to assist with treatment planning your cases and discuss past cases treated at LCIAD, including detailed documented steps to show how we do things.
  • 2 weekly recorded 1 hour zoom meetings for the whole group to discuss anything clinically or administratively with personal advice.
  • Shadowing at LCIAD for 2 days (one colleague per day).
  • Private Facebook and WhatsApp groups to post discussions, cases, questions.
  • Same day access to Dr Koray Feran if emergency advice required
  • 4 hours per delegate of personal one-to-one support Zoom calls with Dr Koray Feran
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Advantages of the PMP

  • Over 60 hours of CPD
  • Developing a true LCIAD Academy network that will grow with time as a source of long-term support and personal professional growth.
  • Assistance at any level – newly qualified to more experienced colleagues wishing to learn new skills one to one that are not normally taught on courses.
  • Assistance with soft skills and interpersonal relationships with patients, development of a professional ethos and communications skills.
  • Learning how to talk professionally about money and value of proper dental care without sounding like a salesman.
  • Unique one-to-one access with the most experienced and respected clinicans in the UK with a reputation for their high level of clinical care and practice management.
  • Networking with colleagues and introduction to career-enhancing dental organisations and acadamies.



PMP fees and terms

The fees for PMP are £6,600 per delegate payable as £1,100 monthly by standing order by 1st of each calendar month or £6,000 for advance payment for the 6 month Personal Mentoring Program.

The program can be continued after 6 months but only 6 colleagues can be enrolled at any one time to ensure adequate quality time is available to all.