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We are delighted that our regular courses are now available again as we did miss interacting with new colleagues.

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Consent, treatment planning, fee setting and patient communication – 18-19 October 2024

Consent, treatment planning, fee setting and patient communication – 18-19 October 2024

£795 (£995 with PM/TCO)


2 days


Beginner to advanced

LCIAD, 28 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8GW

LCIAD Academy TMJ and Occlusion Course (8 – 9 Nov 2024)

LCIAD Academy TMJ and Occlusion Course (8 – 9 Nov 2024)

£895 (£1,095 with nurse)


2 days


Beginner to intermediate

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Dr Ricky Ruparelia

I just want to publicly thank Koray Feran for putting on one of the best courses I have ever been on! I came back yesterday evening absolutely buzzingafter 3 days of sinus lifts and bone augmentation – what a course it was! He took us through the evidence-based theory on day onem we put the skills into practice on human cadavers on day 2 and saw Koray perform a sinus lift live on a patient on day three. Anybody wishing to take their implant career to the next level really needs to do this course!
Dr Ricky Ruparelia

Dr Peter Buchan

Occlusion demystified

Dr Nikolaos Reizis

The 2-day course simplified and made clear a lof of difficult concepts about TMJ and occlusion. Koray was very helpful by explaining everything thoroughly and by showing the practical aspects of examination, diagnosis and treatment of occlusion. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Dr Juliana Brito:

An amazing course. So much information, knowledge and practical tips shared without holding back. I have assisted several dentists throughout the years and never come across such level of detail and expertise. Everyone was incredibly kind beyond my expectations and Dr Koray is super friendly and approachable! Highly recommended! Thank you for everything!

Dr Christropher Elmes

I thought I knew occlusion but now I have a new view on what to look at and how to evaluate patient’s equilibrium. Sounds difficult to grasp but if you follow the step by step process very doable.

Dr Padala Lakshmanareddy

The course was really informative, wish occlusion was taught like this in university. Really opened my eyes to how vast the subject is. Koray and his team are fantastic, very welcoming, can’t praise them enough.

Dr Thomas Stapleton

Superb concise overview of occlusion with detailed ways of application to clinical practice.

Dr Stewart Simpkins:

Fantastic course, would highly recommend this to a dentist at any stage of career wanting to make sense of a normally poorly taught subject.

Dr Udeh Tochukwu

An amazing course that really makes you question how you have been practicing. It is a course you wish you could take immediately after graduating from university, however, you need at least a few years of practice to see some of the mistakes that can be caused by not properly assessing the occlusion.

Dr Hesham El-Wakeel

The course was well-planned. Koray was incredibly humble and approachable and broke down what felt like a complex subject into easily digestible portions. Well worth it.

Dr Oluritimi Adesanya

Very open and informative course. Systemic and logical approach to restoring patients. Highly recommended course.

Dr Balika Reddy

I feel the course made me reflect on my day to day practice and has made me think outside the box. Koray is extremely approachable and friendly. He has a knack of explaining everything in a simple manner. I enjoyed the two days and I look forward to change the way I work.

Ciara Hemingway

I am on the course to support my dentist. As a nurse, the knowledge I have gained is so valuable. From the basics to case reviews and MRIs. I got to see a different way to work and a new appreciation for occlusion.

Dr Amy Anfilogoff

Really informative and practical. Thank you both for the day.

Dr Safeer Butt

Excellent – the demos helped a lot.

Dr Sami Butt

The course delivers on Koray’s reputation as one of the best clinicians in the world. This is the second time attending the course, having seen the value of the teaching. Lovely support from Julia and she made the booking for our team easy.

Dr Sami Choudhry

Concise explanation of complex subject.

Dr Serene Lam

Learnt a lot about the importance of the TMJ in relation to occlusion. Very thorough and helpful lecture on how to assess occlusion – practical was particularly helpful to apply what was covered in the lecture.

Dr Olivia McCormack

Hands-on demo by Koray was fantastic. Thank you!

Dr Georgina Pickett

Absolutely brilliant course, career changing.

Dr Charles Viggor

A lot to absorb in one day but has really been an excellent session. Thanks.

Dr Fabio Perez

Excellent content and the way is presented with the theory and clinical content combined. I would always highly recommend it to all colleagues. Thank you!